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With none of his parental figures helping him, Michael built his racing career all by himself with influence & help from his older brother Bobby Waltrip, who was very close to him in childhood.

He began building a career by racing go-karts at carnivals and various racing clubs around his hometown.

Reporters didn't coordinate with one another or decide as a group not to address the topic, but individually determined not to go there. Like many of the NASCAR wives – some of whom have their own Twitter accounts and fan followings – Buffy Waltrip had a high profile in the media and even appeared in television commercials with her then-husband.

The NASCAR media, often derided by those who work in the sport as being too negative, invasive into the drivers' personal lives and having tabloid tendencies, chose not to report on Busch's marital issues. The demise of Michael Waltrip's marriage to former wife Buffy was well known among the media – but few words about it ever appeared in print until Waltrip himself addressed the topic in his recent autobiography.

She was a huge part of me growing up & I couldn’t have asked for a better stepmother to have had!

As triumphant and driven as they’d been on the track, the inability to sustain that prosperity and sense of purpose made their racing “after-lives” painfully unfamiliar.The NASCAR star’s daughters will sure be tuning in to cheer on their 51-year-old dad! Her mother is Laurie Smith and she has two other sisters on her mother’s side.Pictured below is Caitlin next to her mother and sisters.Michael Curtis Waltrip (born April 30, 1963) is an American former stock car racing driver, racing commentator, and published author.He is the younger brother of three-time NASCAR champion and racing commentator Darrell Waltrip.

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