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Pretty soon is one of the best high school* comedies ever.

From Mike Ditka to Dwayne Wade, and from Patti Smith to Lupe Fiasco, Chicago has always been home to those who know how to break the mold and make a lasting impression.

I mean it’s a legit well written, stunningly acted, and engaging drama that isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues while also being a ton of fun. With this being the exit of so many characters, it’s time to return to the review format I used for my review of the first season of While last season Yael was runner up for best character of the season, they really pulled out all the stops and now she’s taken the crown.

Well, more Snake but I’ve been saying that for the best ten years.

Thanks to their ever-changing algorithm, there’s no need to scroll too far in any category.

If you just went through a break-up and then fired up your Netflix account, there would be dozens of episodes of waiting for you on the front page under the category “TV Shows For People Whose Hearts Have Been Pooped On.” But Netflix’s excellent algorithm also short-changes the hundreds of shows buried deep in the unspoken Netflix purgatory.

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