Dating my elgin pocket watch

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High dome bullseye crystal shows many years of wear.

If I'm reading my hallmarks right, this is London, 1838. The bezel hinge pin is missing (I can supply one) but the tubes are intact.

The Adjustment of a watch is the manipulation of the balance, its spring and staff for the purpose of improving the time-keeping qualities of a watch.If the movement is asymmetrical, say oval or rectangular, it is measured at its narrowest point.Note that the case is NOT included in this measurement, only the movement.It had many name changes over the years and a couple of small reorganizations and eventually became the Waltham Watch Company in the early 1900s.The very best, most expensive Waltham watches for all of that roughly 50-year period, from 1859 until maybe 1915 or so, were always labeled American Watch Co. The town of Waltham had become well known, and the name appeared on all of their watches as the location anyway.

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