Amy reimann dating dale jr

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NASCAR's most popular driver proposed to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann while vacationing Wednesday in Germany.

and you gotta figure she knew the question was coming sooner than later.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s trip to Germany to understand his family lineage apparently included plans to add another Earnhardt along the way.

The NASCAR star proposed to girlfriend Amy Reimann on their vacation, as the couple announced on Twitter early Wednesday morning: Earnhardt, 40, has never been married, and he and Reimann have been dating since 2009.

The 34-year-old interior designer married her college sweetheart Tommy Cook in 2008, but they separated that very year.

Click through the gallery to ready up on the pair's road to romance and check out some of their best moments away from the track.

And when everything goes sideways, he leans on girlfriend Amy Reimann to get his mind right.

A question that stood out in the conversation concerned how Earnhardt Jr. Gluck asked the driver who he confides in after a bad day at the track—a question he answered in a strikingly relatable manner. Indeed, just like the rest of us, NASCAR’s favorite son comes home and vents to his significant other after a rough one at the office. and Reimann have reportedly been Reimann, an interior designer and former college dancer, tends to stay out of the news—aside for race day and NASCAR functions.

They began to date and be a couple since 2010; however their first official appearance together happened in 2011 in the NASCAR awards.

The happy couple had their relationship going on when Amy gave him a deadline to get engaged, because she stated to him that she does not want to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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