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When your town library shares space with the local tanning salon and the term “sun-worshipper” takes on a whole new meaning for a bookworm like you. What are your pet peeves or your trials and tribulations of living in a small town? I cannot find friends with my same beliefs, I would like guidence, and information from an elder, but where do you go looking? Also being teased that I worship the devil, and that coexsist bumper sticker where is the pentagram? The earth is right below my feet, and all that lives plants animals ect can be seen so as the stars moon sun and sky…also my grip is no enough shops around to walk into when you need something, got to order it online.I wear my pentacle proudly, along with gemstone jewlery that I have had (and worn) for much longer.While the waters of Lake Superior may look tempting (especially in the summer months), you might want to think twice before diving in.The lake is one of the largest in the world by volume meaning that, Source: Flickr user Margarita Banting after all the winter ice has melted, the water isn’t going to heat up that quickly.Watching it, playing it, sporting their favorite player’s jersey—they practically live and breathe the sport.

Circle Sanctuary Fundraising appeals made through Circle Network News routinely stated or implied that the land, once purchased, would be used as a permanent site for the Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG), however, the PSG has never been held there.networking capabilities, provides information and support to anyone working with religious freedom issues, an example of which is the ongoing battle with the US Military to allow families of soldiers killed in the line of duty to place symbols (pentacles, pentagrams, etc.) of their religious beliefs on their memorial markers.

Not to worry though, everyone usually gets along fine (at least until game day rolls around).

With all the snow and cold weather, it may not come as much a surprise that people in Twin Ports love their hockey.

Known as the Helms Amendment, this was a bill designed to take away federal Church status from all Wiccan Churches in the USA.

As a long respected public speaker on Paganism and other forms of contemporary religion and spirituality, in 1988 together with Margot Adler, Selena was a delegate at the World Council of Churches Womens International Interfaith Conference in Toronto, Canada, the first time that Paganism and Goddess Spirituality had been represented on an international stage.

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