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Fast forward a few years and you can imagine the lady boner I was rocking during Anthro 101.While all parts of a hairy men are truly spectacular (yes, ball sacks and grizzly backs, I'm eyeing you too), nothing turns us on quite like a luscious thicket of chest hair.My, and numerous women's, obsession with hairy men is nothing new.The affinity dates back to prehistoric times in which extreme hairiness was the sign of ultimate masculinity.

Even during the most tender moments, when we're resting cradled in our man's arms, chest hair invokes a rugged, carnal desire to get down and dirty with each other.

• How have these stereotypes changed social views on sexual attractiveness and dating?

• How does this affect men finding good relationships?

My partner and I are in our early 30s and have been together for 6 years.

I'm a cis-gendered female and my partner is FTM and began his transition last year.

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