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I’m a cis woman who’s been wearing pants from the boys’ section and, later, the men’s section, ever since I hit puberty and in thirteen years maybe, maybe half a dozen people have noticed. I’ve seen this first post before, and recently my mom said, “Hey, did you see that post on Tumblr about shopping for jeans in the men’s department? I’ve always shopped in the men’s department because women’s clothes are like 90% bullshit and 10% fake pockets.

And it’s always women asking the oh-my-god-pockets question. ”And I said yeah, I’d seen it, I’ve been through the Trying To Fit Clothes On My Stupid Body wars, and this post really only applied to skinny jeans because they’re so stretchy. But I hadn’t seen the second addition, which gave me more hope, and I decided to just try on a few pairs when I was at Old Navy the other day.

„Falls aus dem Date eine Beziehung wird, will man sich gern an das erste Treffen erinnern und da sollte der Ort gut gewählt sein“, empfiehlt Eger.

Auch bei der Auswahl der Gesprächsthemen sollte man aufpassen.

Harvard, the first North American college, was established in 1636, and America’s first public elementary school, The Mather School, was founded just three years later.

We can also thank Boston for candlepin bowling and the Boston Tea Party.

”Tall ladies: men’s pants are easier to find in longer lengths than women’s pants are.

Trans ladies: Wanna get on this gravy train, but afraid people will misgender you for wearing clothes off the men’s racks?

New cookery class events coming soon, see all past Cookery Class Events and register to get your invite. Fashion designers are screaming out of fear of the unknown. Live in the beautiful world you deserve where you can fit shit in your pocket.Literally nobody has noticed, except a couple of my younger coworkers who’ve asked me–you guessed it–”oh my god, where did you find pants with pockets?If you live in Boston, you probably appreciate living in a state full of firsts.Other states have tried to do things first, but Boston takes the cake nearly every time.

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