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"I honestly have no idea how it lasted so long telling the exact same five jokes over and over." This would-be feminist icon "just reinforced a lot of wretched stereotypes about women," from financial ineptitude to a "ridiculous" obsession with men.

Feeling sexy and hot again is the 1st obstruction to getting back on the dating stream, but once they have conquered that, they don’t have any idea on where to see a new friend.

With interracial relationships becoming common by each passing day, it is no wonder that the next generation of Americans are evolving as a complete different race with features that are unique.

Aided by dating innovations and a new perception of racial indiscrimination, America is witnessing an emerging mega race from the amalgamation of people of color and the whites in America who are living harmoniously together.

The daily strip, which appeared in 1,400 newspapers, documents the peeves and panics of a mildly pudgy career-woman searching for love ("Cathy" eventually married her boyfriend, Irving, in 2005).

Both pro- and anti-"Cathy" bloggers had plenty to say about the strip's demise: Goodbye, loser"'Cathy' had the personality of a poorly drawn wet mop," says Evil Fizz at .

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