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All of it was so fun and exciting as we shared dinners and lunches engaged in conversations.

He would stay after for me and I would do the same for him. When October hit and we went on our first date – on his birthday, funnily enough – I had a feeling that he would ask me that question.

But this gets annoying, fast—and can make your girlfriend or boyfriend feel totally smothered.

“It feels like an invasion of privacy,” explains Dr.

“‘She already texted me today; why is she hitting me up on Facebook?

You know, the one question every girl dreams of after having consecutive days with a guy she has feelings for: the relationship question.

Of course my reply was a huge “yes.” However, at the same time, there were several obstacles to face—primarily the distance, of course, but also the amount of homework we both had, setting aside time to hang out between exams, work and the online magazine I contributed to. It was easy because we had school, so that’s how we’d see each other. I knew it was haunting me and hanging there waiting for us.

So keep that in mind: he isn’t going to bring you around until he is sure you are his girlfriend and the two of you have the potential of lasting a long time, and you probably wouldn’t do that with your friends either.

Sure, you’re dating; but you’re probably not texting and calling twenty-four seven like a couple in love, and you’re probably not seeing each other all TOO often.

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