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"You don't wait for clarifications," Maria Jose Estrada, a former blonde who lives on the outskirts of San Salvador, told the AP.

"These people are crazy and they will kill you." Claudia Castellanos, a beautician, added that her upscale salon has already serviced several women asking for a darker hair color.

The next time Salvadorans in such large numbers ventured across the frontier at one time was two months ago. They were civilians and this time it was not a war. Many Witness Attack There have been a number of reports of deliberate killings of groups of noncombatants during El Salvador's civil war, but confirmation of the specific acts or the political role of the victims has often proved elusive or contradictory.

Many times no one has been left to tell what happened.

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Dalí attributed his "love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes" to an "Arab lineage", claiming that his ancestors were descended from the Moors.They could not have been mistaken for guerrillas by the Salvadoran helicopter pilot who flew so low that witnesses say they could study his face.River Marks the Border There also could have been no doubt in the flier's mind that he was on the Honduran side of the border during most of the attack. It is the second massacre of fleeing Salvadoran refugees at the hands of their own troops in this area in a year.She was naked as a jaybird but apparently in no distress, gesturing casually to a (dressed) male companion. On the sixth day of a brotherly road trip from Arkansas to Costa Rica in the car our dearly departed mother left us, we got an 8 a.m.start from San Salvador and reached the El Amatillo border crossing at . When we crossed into El Salvador on Monday, our excellent border fixer recommended we use the services of his friend on the other side. Suddenly four men thronged our car — apparently our fixer had three helpers — and told us to follow their black truck. Biggest head-scratcher: What was up with that naked lady?

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