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Working backwards from the present, which is MIS 1 in the scale, stages with even numbers have high levels of oxygen-18 and represent cold glacial periods, while the odd-numbered stages are troughs in the oxygen-18 figures, representing warm interglacial intervals.The data are derived from pollen and foraminifera (plankton) remains in drilled marine sediment cores, sapropels, and other data that reflect historic climate; these are called proxies.

Thus it is that chronologically mislabeling material is rife in the Nazareth literature, as I shall briefly describe now.Furthermore, the authors use re-scaled correlation coefficients and -values which artificially inflate the strength of the relationship between tree-ring series that are being statistically crossdated.Using the exact same tree-ring data, but using accepted techniques in statistical crossdating (e.g., the removal of all low-frequency trends and autocorrelation), we could not verify the revised dating of the “Messiah” violin.A recent report by Mondino and Avalle (2009) was widely distributed that demonstrated a re-dating of the famous “Messiah” violin, a violin attributed to Antonio Stradivari with a label date of 1716.An outermost ring date of 1844 is instead suggested rather than dates in the 1680s reported in previous studies.

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