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There are some 40,000 ancient megalithic and Neolithic sites across the British Isles and Ireland, from burial chambers, to stone circles and former dwellings of ancient societies.Ireland's most prominent Neolithic site is Newgrange an ancient passage tomb, dating back nearly 5,000 years, predating the Egyptian pyramids by 6 centuries.Little is known of what was on top of them, and so scholars hesitate to categorize these constructions as funerary architecture.

3000 - 30 BCE), the tombs were simple holes in the ground, with wooden walls and mats.In ancient pagan societies the Summer Solstice was hugely significant, it was a time when the power of the Sun was at its highest and was seen as an important time for fertility, when the harvests of the coming year were blessed.This significance is mirrored in the places of worship and burial sites, from standing stones to pyramids and tombs, that Neolithic pagan cultures built throughout the world and many were designed in alignment with the sun at this sacred time of the year, when the sun was at its most powerful.Although not the subject of this article, which will be primarily concerned with the mortuary cult center and elite graves located further out in the desert, we need to know a little about the town and temple that helped bring this early center of power to our attention.The savvy readers of Em Hotep surely know that Narmer’s Palette and the maceheads left by him and Scorpion at Hierakonpolis are the focal points of our knowledge about the protodynasty that took form there, but to really understand the budding royalty of Egypt, one must look to the earlier administrative center and what could well be Egypt’s earliest temple, called HK34 and HK29A, respectively.

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