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Perhaps 2016 will be the year in which a majority of children in the U. are born with an already established and active social media account. But can we at least try to avoid letting 2016 be the year in which political dating apps become a thing? (I mean, we’re obviously not, but let’s just please pretend we are for a little while longer.) You may or may not be horrified to learn that many years ago, Fox News host Sean Hannity launched his own dating website called “Hannidate,” basically a Tinder for the politically conservative.

Hannidate ultimately failed, because it was ahead of its time, and also for legal reasons. Asked in a recent , an app with the irresistible tagline: “Vote your values.

Limbaugh’s vicious comments earned rebukes from the presidents of both Georgetown and the United States: The former issued a thoughtful and wise statement on the matter, and the latter called Fluke to offer his support.

The nastiness of right-wing media has a way of turning everyday people into objects of partisan hatred.He was born to parents Mildred Carolyn "Millie" and a lawyer father Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr.His dad was also in the army as a fighter plane pilot and was active in the Asian skies during the Second World War.“Like Fox News and other Republican media, he has cheered for Trump and Trump's rhetoric and Trump's rise all along.” And he failed to warn his listeners about what would likely follow if Donald Trump won the Republican primaries.Had Limbaugh merely failed to foresee the future that would be forgivable, especially if he took responsibility for the failure. And a call this week on his program is the quintessential illustration of his betrayal.* * *The caller was named Rick and lives in Los Angeles.

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