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One in particular showed off the model's legs, in which one commenter wrote, "sexy legs." Some users have described her overly sexual photos as "creepy" while others are just straight up angry.

"Parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues...

They insisted she was entering an exclusive club in the scientific community: the rare species of sexy scientists with Ph Ds.The female newscaster of today does sexy in a very specific way.It is sleeveless sexy, an age-defying, loose-skin-defying means of telling the world that she worked out this morning and every morning, long before she went to hair and makeup and started broadcasting the nation’s news, long before viewers even considered waking up.In the era of the selfie, there's no shortage of apps that can make you better looking, turn you into a dog, or even swap your face onto someone else's.Now, there's an app that can alter your gender entirely, age you, or add a smile to your face.

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