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Where layer-counting is not possible, dating generally relies upon mathematical models of ice flow.

Another useful technique is to identify events which are seen in other types of climate records, such as historical, tree ring and sedimentary records.

We are now combining these data with radar observations of structures that form within the ice rises due to the peculiar way in which ice deforms in these locations.

This will allow us to constrain when these features formed and when the grounding line retreated past them.

Information on the shape and size of the Antarctic Ice Sheets over the past 20,000 years is contained within rocks deposited on the surface of Antarctica as the ice sheet has retreated and thinned since that time.Upon death, no more C means that it does not work for organisms that died after about 40,000 years ago. Palaeoglaciology of the Alexander Island ice cap, western Antarctic Peninsula, reconstructed from marine geophysical and core data. In the figure right, the production of radio-active carbon is demonstrated. In particular, we propose new and consistent dating of the last deglaciation for Greenland and Antarctic ice and gas records. The most direct method is to count annual layers in much the same way that tree-rings can be counted to determine the age of the tree.

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