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The spit of sand grows and shrinks, affected by currents and storms.Hallac says that it’s likely Shelly Island’s appearance was down to the same factors – and that it could get smaller or disappear again within the year.“If you are a beautiful person who wants to travel for free, just signup as a ‘Attractive Traveler’” the website reads.People can also sign up as a "Generous Traveler," and front the bill for an attractive travel partner.Greensboro may have just gained a new downtown grocery storeand hosted this year's ACC Basketball Tournament, but according to some, it is still lacking in one area: sexiness.A new study from the online travel-dating site Miss dubs Greensboro as the number one least sexy city in America.Members are invited to browse through the thousands of profiles on the site, select a potential partner, and propose a trip to them.Greensboro was named the least sexy city because members proposed it as a travel destination 170 times, and it was rejected every single time.

Although the appearance of a new island might seem mysterious to some, in fact the whole of Cape Point is constantly shifting and changing with the weather.

A new island has appeared off the coast in the US, near North Carolina’s Cape Point, attracting adventurous tourists and photographers.

The mile-long sand bank first started appearing in the spring.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Linebacker Allen Artis stood on the steps of the Orange County courthouse with his lawyer and family Thursday morning and maintained he did not rape a fellow UNC student earlier this year.

UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore Delaney Robinson, 19, says neither the university nor local law enforcement have responded adequately to her allegations that UNC football player Allen Artis raped her last winter.

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