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Firefox is a web browser created by Mozilla team and characterized by its compatibility with all Operating Systems, speed, number of add-ons and reliability.Although it's one of the veteran web browsers out there, each new version of Firefox comes loaded with lots of new features and it means good news for web users.Ubuntu offers an “Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media” checkbox when you install it. It installs the older version of Flash–version 11.2. If you’re using Flash on Ubuntu, you’ll want to install the latest version with the instructions below.When this article was written, version 23 of Flash was available using the below instructions. You don’t need to install Flash at all if you use Google Chrome.However, there's no security issue and but once the official repo pushes a fix, the videos will start working again without any further effort on your part.People are making this harder than it needs to be - and in some cases may not work at all (my case), or be acceptable to continue on with an actual security risk (changing things around in firefox) Simply go into software center, wait for it to load, type 'restricted' into the search feature, and install the restricted extras package for your particular distro. Even if you enabled restricted extras in updates, that apparently doesn't apply to video codecs for some reason.Furthermore, the gallery of add-ons is extremely large and you can find anything there, so we recommend you to install this latest version of Firefox 4 and enjoy the Internet in a safer and better way.Mozilla has announced the latest update to its popular web browser.

GAD3R answer works if you are okay installing another repo, and Rene F's if you are okay with the security vulnerability.After axing Flash for Linux in 2012, Adobe revived the Flash plugin for Firefox and other browsers on Linux in 2016.But Ubuntu still installs the old version of Flash by default, unless you go out of your way to get the new one.Because the new version of Firefox is located at trusty-security, apt-get will download it from there. This will read your current installed version of Firefox (e.g.version 28.0), compare it with the official repository, and install the latest version from trusty-security section main repository.

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