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• We introduce all of Sfakia's highlights, from the rough mountains and impressive gorges (Samaria gorge and many more) to the quiet and clean beaches, the honest Cretan food and wines in the restaurants, and the family-run holiday accommodations in Chora Sfakion, and villages nearby.• We offer plenty of practical advice on outdoor pursuits, including where to find the best mountain walks and most scenic panoramas and beaches, sites, Cretan villages and museums.

The amateur quality and higher level of viewer/cammer interaction tends to draw mixed reactions.If you are worried about the traffic, rest assured that the traffic for the most part will be extremely light in the morning and will keep flowing throughout the day. I've stalked this forum for YEARS and am excited to be posting now that we've found out the sex of our little one... We had two very solid contenders for boy names (John and Clark) but are a little thin on the girl side. That means that for me, any first name that ends in an -er is out.I like it a lot, but I'm not sold--though I do like the Cam Jansen connection! I study twentieth-century British and postcolonial literature.) So can anyone think of any girl names that sound androgynous but still elegant (nicknames are fine) and that don't end in -er, -s, or -z sounds? We also considered Evelyn for a while but I really don't like the -lyn ending.• Including many photos of this beautiful and varied island, and Sfakia and Chora Sfakion at the southwest coast of Crete island in particular.

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