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She recently showed her support for her former flame Jeremy Mc Connell on Twitter with a touching tribute as he enters rehab.

And now, Stephanie Davis, 24, has revealed her three-month-old son Caben-Albi is getting her through the difficult time in a candid Snapchat on Monday.

But – OH — the second part brought it all together and entranced me. But other than the first half of Summer Island (okay, I only read half of this one).

Neither of those was awful, but compared to the intensity and character development in some of her later books, these just don’t stand out.

Ironically, one of the books that I disliked the most (and the dislike was strong) happens to be part ONE of a book in which the second part would make it one of the ones that would vie for my favorite!! The first half of the story was boring and felt contrived and dragged on for way too long.

I mean, it could easily have been 100 pages shorter. I’m one of those girls who love when a book evokes that kind of emotion in me, and Hannah’s books do just that.

I spent an entire Saturday alternating between writing a few paragraphs of a huge paper and rewarding myself for each bit of incremental progress by reading a couple chapters of this book.

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Chenoweth sang gospel music as a child in Oklahoma and studied opera before deciding to pursue a career in musical theatre.

Stars like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, and Kaley Cuoco prefer their men athletic.

Check out which big-name stars are linked to hunky athletes here!

“I told her ‘They do beaches for covers and I’m on a farm.

She also appears to be a bit of a dog lover, based on her Instagram account.

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