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It is always a pleasure to meet people London and its streets are filled with.


Plus, you never know what good information you could pick up as you read around – you may just learn something new that could change your dating course forever.

While we’re wondering what Trump’s reaction will be to Obama’s declaration that he “doesn’t understand the world,” and hoping it will be out-of-this-world fantabulous, I’ve decided to share something far more important than our current political landscape with all of you. I promised you a series, and that’s exactly what you’re getting.

I’m about to give you what you’ve been waiting for…An in depth look into my life as a newly single 43 year old woman, and Mom, who has been thrust back into the dating world.

And, there are a few things that sort of struck me when I started my dating quest.

(Let’s consider this first post in my series, your “Intro into Sharon’s Brave New World.”) My top ten things I’ve learned from online dating: Okay…Now that I’ve given you some of my initial thoughts on online dating, we can get into it.

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