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Learn more Learn more about Apple’s dedication to reducing the environmental impact of our products and process.Or read our Product Environmental Reports for detailed information on the environmental performance of every Apple product.Maximum flexibility to meet each client’s needs is critical in my out-of-the-box approach to psychotherapy.Historically, psychological counseling has been a rather rigid affair, with a stereotypic psychoanalytic model dictating how, when and where treatment was delivered: the “patient” came three to four times a week for several years, lay on the analyst’s couch and dutifully “free associated” to the silent and serious analyst.I figure any loss of weight or inches will be a bonus.I’ve learned about myself that personal interaction makes a big difference in my level of success when I’m tackling tough challenges.Some find it intimidating or just plain frustrating.Others are eager to learn how to use the devices but are concerned about the associated costs.

With built-in support for vision, hearing, physical and motor skills, and learning and literacy, you can create and do amazing things.A few of the perks seniors experience with their technology usage: It's apparent that a growing number of older adults are ready and willing to jump on the technology bandwagon.But as evidenced in the earlier viral video of the grandparents trying to video chat, learning how to use computers and smartphones isn't always second-nature to seniors.Services Overview In general, all counseling sessions usually last 45-90 minutes and are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on the clients uniqueness need.Individual Therapy Individual therapy often involves meeting with the therapist one-on-one for the purpose of reducing problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and somatic (sensations in the body) responses.

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