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must consider that which ought to be secondary in an inverted order. L should, indeed, have taken our oratorio nnging, which ought to be our strong hold of originality, the first, but unluckily our dramatic okl'cui Ioii has mingled with ita current, and so polluted the stri^am, llial wo.O COI BF^r Jijiru D 1 Hi Li IT L ll B, V-L-M- ^ Stilt Fisucilaq fpiiiht Mfjft A EIMIS^TNM kt LLOGi G HATTHi V V Sl JULUSC Hrrtrjrch Aiui/uir. :•■ c t t ■ - i QOJigfrs calling aut t Ficir wanes — ;m,d ferrv 10 an ei Lnul for rifropr^^ tli^ S I o If an c;lnmb Ai\ litre ,nv I lie im^r nusw*; [HJstk* outride ihc Himalaya*, JMl I e ] le: hnuw 1 n nvi\ ■. night Trie dial fights up, Whit'-i mt KE r ardefftlfi, a 5 easy ai J, 2, i J Ftu c/fen- 5iftns in ye Ur favoritg styte ^nd d variety of colors. Acw-irrh A4 i«h ui^r nmiihiii'iiwi Q ihiiiiuii m Srnn Jiiiifiiini fridiim i-ii Vine -^-T fc Mr m V -S IAKU COSkfi LI L WIB. J ' ilk moji L Ej L’liil LLful Like l J L '.lit- Id/ /7ri' if St'ftih A fa* rim win */ i ■ ct* Mf u , tf t p^/i i r 1 1 f r 1 f. ju*t Mil t^ip flus-r^ess Office w yquf talefri Vifpe mqn BKIJ. erf Hiu/luj irk — Vv Vl J Le-ido in R^rneot .n l«k hi t Ei! I would illustrate principles by example, and these I think, as I have laid them down, are illustrated by Italian singers of the first class, almost universally. II I nut Vurtir, Rom Bnce lie Blanirini, wilh Vuriationi far the l^»no Forle,coi»|Wby Ferj R! I have cited this artist because I esteem him to lie a first-rale model of energy and execution, and of the employnieiit at great powers in both.

I iiin u irmrc — the u Lile \k liiif: ftiunr^-ri^afr ,1/ (%ipmwt Tile three - mister, named fat u Timom. Wtjrtd '5 Llktl-t 1 1 1 "| i L J I 1 1 \ 1 1 L J tit ll(J -tels i Lnjai 1 " Rul Ii j Lihans^on,. an whmt Que hatf liten die ‘teiriind mfitk i ^ A porthole pive me .i momma view of d^ftfng yu EL- mu I w [iin- cm ise Ei 1 1 1 - V\ *: \ is i art 1 ! in 1 hik\ skirt uht Li U Jiuf croftil a I ftit«re* culling Up 1 ei \r^i.-i LLl Ei_i Ur vuii an (I'j the ^ I 11 ilr tiling in mi-rse. Six small keels keep the wake hi place (you don't get soaked in the turns).

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