Umbraco user control not updating

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Since I'm writing the popular newsletter-package Newsletter Studio for Umbraco I had look really deep into the source of Umbraco 7 to get things right.

I now want to show you how to add a custom section with a custom tree to the Umbraco backoffice – some of the things is similar to how it used to work (in V4-6) and some things are new.

Very recently I had an update to do for an existing website, which was a new job application form.

Simple enough, but the snag was that elsewhere on the site the client already had functionality to allow users to upload large files, up to 20Mb; on this form, they wanted to restrict the file upload size to 5Mb.

I didn’t know how, and now I do, so hopefully this will make it easy for you.

I’ll assume that you have an existing Umbraco project with Forms installed, and I’ll skip any of that setup stuff.

You can test it out on any version of Umbraco v7 by downloading it via the Forms tab, or indeed visit the package page here for a list of features.

The first thing I’ll need to do is to create a class that implements the IApplication-interface so that Umbraco will initialize this class on start up. This will make Umbraco look for views inside the /app_plugin//-folder and not in the folder of the core-views which is the default.

Posting a name, email address and a message which we will send out as a message. A surface controller comprises of three things, a model or to be more precise a view model for our form data/fields, a controller in our case a surface controller and finally a view to display the form and success message.

So lets start off with the very basics and create a view model for our form.

The interface uses a navigational flow and editing tools that anybody using Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word will immediately recognise.

Your site structure sits in a tree view — just like Windows Explorer.

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