Mature roulette

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She studied under the musique concrète composer Denis Dufour (a member of the famous GRM and a pupil of Pierre Schaeffer).

Then, taking inspiration from the New York improv scene and her European tour in solo and in duo with the likes of Fred Frith, Fennesz or Rhys Chatham, her work developed towards live practice, her playing with laptops and midi controllers delivering what she likes to call her digital chimeras.

There Will Be Angst but also There Will Be A Happy Ending, Damn It.

“Zor-El, we have a daughter,” Alura tearfully said, cradling the baby close as her husband reached out to stroke the child’s cheek with a shaking hand.“She is beautiful,” Zor-El murmured. She will be beloved by all, and so her name shall be Kara.”The High Priestess approached the end of the bed, and the king and queen looked at her as she spoke, for the words of the High Priestess were treated with the utmost respect and importance.“She has been kissed by the sun.” “The reason we are stuck on this island and not ruling the world is because of them and that infernal witch, Zatanna.

It is about the most fundamental issue of whether it is at all possible to win or not. Making money has nothing to do with guaranties and equations. It would be so great if we had found a bet selection that would be superior from the others and play it and make money from roulette as pro players.

Can there ever be a consistently winning, unbeatable strategy or method, given the randomness of the game and the 2,7% payout disadvantage of the player against the house? There is no 100% guarantee that a business will make money, though that is no reason not to start a business. Unfortunately as all mature roulette researchers know , till now no superior bet selection has been found.

At this point, Lena was just trying to weather the latest assault and survive a potential coup by L Corp’s board—oh, and deal with the highly inconvenient crush she had somehow managed to develop on Superman’s cousin.

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And why was it that Kara couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her lovely—er, her brilliant—?

Now I’ll show you why asking for an “A” or “B” winning system is a flawed, stupid and useless approach to roulette.

Three lines of convergence, areas of clouds and rainfall focusing along a tropical bay in the warm season and a surface trough with moving features which seem to fight to remain in one piece at the leading edge of the coast.

And above all, it is a question without any real value. First of all, we need to define what we mean by winning system or unbeatable system or holy grail as they often call it. Do we mean a system that can produce consistent profits given any possible series of spin outcomes? Because none can guarantee 100% that the outcome of the next spin will not be different than what we have bet on. Do we mean a system that somehow negates the player payout disadvantage? This is like asking if a football player is able to change the dimensions of a goalpost. Do we mean a system that can provide the player with an advantage, based on roulette insights from experience and/or probability theory? The problem is that most people define a winning system as in A or B. Still, you have the nerve to ask for certainty in roulette and keep a straight face.

If you had the same requirements of certainty in any other endeavor of your life, you’d be considered a psycho.

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