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Clicking the gear icon in the top right corner opens a secret sidebar for customizing the look of your canvas.First dates can be casual to light romance, a day excursion or evening hot spot, a wide selection of restaurants to a game arcade, a local park or festival event—the choices…Read More Career-minded individuals are seldom seen around town.

If I were to design documentdb-utils from scratch to directly hit the REST API, I would probably have built something just like what Azure did. Wrapper of the SDK with auto retry plus a bunch of other useful utilities. As far as your question regarding indexing, and determining if a property is indexed (which should then answer your question about a query using or not using an index): You may query the collection, which returns the indexing details in the response header. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cosmos-db/local-emulator I was trying to profile LINQ aggregate queries, which currently seems to be impossible with c# SDK. Common/, Request Length 131, Network Bucket 2, Subscription Id 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, Region South Central US, Ip Address, Channel Protocol RNTBD, Request Charge 51.424, etc...For example: given some path ), the RUs are on each call so you'd need to sum them up to account for all of the RUs. I do contribute bug and document fixes to the Document DB SDK. Using the trace output from the emulator I was able to identify the request charges and a host of other metrics. I found the request charge stored under this event key Thread ID="141,928" Formatted Message="End Request Document Service Id localhost, Resource Type 2, Operation Type 15, Resource Id 91M7AL QPQA=, Status Code 200, HRESULTHex 0, Response Length 61, Duration 70,546, Has Query 1, Partition Id a4cb495b-38c8-11e6-8106-8cdcd42c33be, Replica Id 1, Consistency Level 3, Request Session Token 4, Response Session Token 594, Has Continuation 0, Has Pre Trigger 0, Has Post Trigger 0, Is Feed Unfiltered 0, Indexing Directive 5, XDate Fri, GMT, Retry After Milliseconds 0, Max Item Count -1, Actual Item Count 1, Client Version 2017-02-22, User Agent Microsoft. Our very successful dating service is open to single professionals looking for dating opportunities in Atlanta.The investment firm purchased People Media from the company's entrepreneurial founders in May 2007.

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