She actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating

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(Video by Max Faulkner/Star-Telegram) Lale Esquivel, the controversial owner and coach of the Texas Bombers, is as hard-charging in his pursuit of youth baseball players as he is unapologetic about his method for building powerhouse teams.When he found three players with exceptional skills, Esquivel wanted them, regardless of the fact that they lived on opposite coasts, some 1,400 miles from the Bombers’ home base in Haltom City.

Parents of 2014 need to be reminded of how less restricted, less supervised, less obsessively safety-conscious things were… Can your mind comprehend a more deadly toy than a weighted spear that kids hurl through the air like a missile? If they happened to land in your skull, well, then you should have moved.

We’re not talking about going down to ULL [University Little League].

I have the best players in the country, not to mention the Western Hemisphere.” Joey Erace, from Mullica Hill, N. Jordan Rodriguez’s batting compilation video from his home near Los Angeles went viral with 1.6 million Facebook views.

The way things are going, every kid is going to go to school wearing bubble wrap and a helmet.

Back in the 1970s (and earlier), parents didn’t stress about our health and safety as much as they do today.

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