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Don’t tell them your name, or where you live, or how old you are, or what school you go to. In college, I joined an online text-based RPG and had a blast. Yet we do guard our privacy on the internet – viciously, in some cases.Don’t tell them anything about you.” And I rolled my eyes and promised I wouldn’t because I had never intended to in the first place. I made friends and we all talked frequently outside the game, emailing each other at length about any number of topics. You don’t know who these people are.” “Mom,” I assured her, “I really do. We are particular about who can view our Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, who can have our email addresses.The web has been buzzing over the past several months due to the unmasking of some well-known internet trolls.A large portion of the online community has thrown up their hands in a collective sigh of relief, but a sizable number are enraged – by bringing the names of these people to light, real life identities have been comprised and people’s lives have been altered for the worse.“Don’t tell anyone your name,” my mother said to me in my early teens.“I heard about these people in chat rooms on the news.

You can view the text files here, here, here and here.

This support group embraces principles that are similar but not identical to those of AA.

One similarity includes coming to accept that you are powerless against the compulsion to act out sexually, but understanding that with help, you can still lead a happy, fulfilling life.

From You Tube to blog sites, a wide array of offenses have landed domain names on the outlawed list.

At some point along the way, poker networks including Poker Stars were added, making Internet poker inaccessible to the country’s 146 million residents.

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