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Now after running this function I want the original table to be cleared.

I can achieve this with the following code, assuming ACell has been defined as the first cell in the table.

table of contents not updating-86table of contents not updating-16table of contents not updating-85

Most nodes do not try to figure out which route(s) might work; instead, a node will send an IP packet to a gateway in the LAN, which then decides how to route the "package" of data to the correct destination.

The construction of routing tables is the primary goal of routing protocols.

Static routes are entries made in a routing table by non-automatic means and which are fixed rather than being the result of some network topology "discovery" procedure.

That will keep your table structure and headings, but clear all the data and rows.

EDIT: I'm going to just modify a section of my answer from your previous post, as it does mostly what you want.

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