Mango dating

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However, they do star wonderfully in a delicious, homemade chutney!

Typically (or at least what Piyush tells me), in India mango chutney is made with green, unripe mangoes.

But because ours have little flavor I always choose to let them ripen until they’re at their sweetest.

Then, I do another thing that is somewhat different than the traditional chutney-making-technique.

Tags: dates smoothie, mango smoothie, vegan smoothie, whole food drink Mangoes that we get in the U. I still buy them, but then I don’t want to feel the disappointment when it is eaten by itself. Nothing fancy, I just combined it with dates and some coconut milk that I wanted to use up.

He pays for the supplies and I do all the labor while he’s out golfing.

Haha…after all, a happy marriage is all about compromise! The mangoes we get here in Minnesota are mostly tasteless and I don’t really enjoy to eat them plain as a snack.

Two Mangoes’ Name to Fame “We spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect name to represent our brand,” said Anita.

“We knew that we didn’t want to alienate the younger generation by choosing something that was too traditional or meant wedding or marriage in any language.

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