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- Picher, Oklahoma may be the biggest environmental disaster you've never heard of, KFSM reports.What was once a boom town is now considered one of the most toxic cities in America. More than half the bullets fired during the war originated from lead mined in Picher."Parents don't have any clue about what's going on because the kids are hiding it so well, because you don't to have register on this Omegle site for anything," she said.Her 14-year-old daughter says she didn't know the man messaging her was 29 years old.The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16; however, engaging in sexual activities with anyone below the age of 18 while the perpetrator is above the age of 18 is considered statutory rape.Obscenity is that which offends multiple persons' morality, can be considered profanity, is indecent, abhorrent, or even disgusting.

"I didn't even know about it," said Alicia of Norman.

The entire school in Picher sits in the middle of the toxic waste dump.

Officials tested the students at the school, and of the students tested, 46% had unsafe levels of lead in their blood, according to KFSM. It can't be removed and the effects it has on the body can last a lifetime.

"At first he told me he was 16, and I was like 'ok, what school do you go to? "And then he was like 'oh sorry, I'm 18,' and then I was like 'oh.'" Once the girl's parents found out and she fessed up to the whole thing, they told Norman Police.

The man she called Bo, whose real name is Boualiane Heuangvilay from Laos, was charged with rape on October 9.

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