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You won’t have to try very hard to find Arab women attractive.After all, they have those impossibly long legs, hazel eyes, curves and dark hair that make them look like they dropped right off the screen of some fantasy movie. Arab women are portrayed in movies as sultry and exotic creatures, with a fiery heart, and that's not too far from the truth.The key to marrying a good Egyptian man is to test him. Wanting to leave Egypt is not always a bad sign since many indeed want to create a better life for themselves and their future family or at least explore the world.

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By Alona Ballard Janet Jackson’s upcoming wedding to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana has the whole world talking.

The education field, like many others, has not fared well in this austere economy.

With the district I worked for continuing to lay off teachers, my prospects for full time employment looked dim.

2) Observe carefully his active listening skills towards you and others.

The image of wealthy Arabs has become a byword in popular culture for generous spending and lavish lifestyle.

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