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She didn't imagine, in the hours before midnight, she would be fighting for her life. I've got to be there because this is a moment in history that you don't want to miss. Logan: And everybody is, you know, very physical, so you are being jostled and pushed. And my guys are very protective of me, you know, they want to keep people at bay. Logan: We had two Egyptian drivers with us who were purely there to act as security and bodyguards. And suddenly Bahaa looks at me and says, "We've gotta get out of here." Pelley: He's Egyptian. And I know Ray is right there, and he's grabbing at me and screaming, "Lara hold onto me, hold onto me." As she was pulled into the frenzy, the camera recorded Lara's shout: "Stop!

The original post appeared on an Egyptian Facebook page, with significant religious content, followed mostly by young Muslim Egyptian women.

Also encourages the idea of making sacrifices for those we love and having faith in the impossible.

On the other hand, the fact that the cast of this story set in ancient Egypt is predominantly white has caused many raised eyebrows about the message that sends to audiences.

The thread starts by a female admin, Amany Seyam, who asked her followers, “What’s the thing that you would have done, if it weren’t prohibited by religion –?

” Given the typical (Western) perception of the relationship between Islam and women, we might expect most answers to be related to issues like the veil or gender equality.

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