Who was river phoenix dating

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Martha tried desperately to get River to stop using.

On the set, River quickly bonded with Aykroyd (another actor who really just wanted to rock).Then 18, Di Caprio idolized Phoenix, whose industry cred had only risen when he played a street hustler in “My Own Private Idaho.” Di Caprio couldn’t get close enough to talk to Phoenix, but he did get a good look at his face.“He was beyond pale — he looked white,” the actor recalled.There was a really great article published by Esquire afterwards with access to his mother, his friends, Samantha Mathis, and Martha Plimpton offering some insight about his life and the end, quoting colleagues, castmates, and lovers on how River lived and died.I was in university when the magazine came out just shy of six months after. And at that age, when something like that goes down, you romanticise a lot, and much of what’s there doesn’t really get absorbed.

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