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This proposal allows the entry of day, month and year to vary. So this library enables both desired behaviors (do not "snap-to" and "snap-to"), and also delivers results that are not surprising to the casual reader of the code. If you add a year to a date (and this results in a valid date), and then subtract a year from that result, then you always get back your original date. This storage strategy will excel at adding days to a date as this operation has no need to convert between the count of days since the epoch, and the year, month, day triple.Additionally the first two entries must be a type that unambiguously gives the units (day, month or year). Significant effort has been put into designing a library that makes it easy to correctly construct a date, unlikely to construct an unexpected date, and impossible to construct an invalid date. Again, this proposal is neutral on the storage strategy used (1, 2 or 3). Each of the above example implementations support a range of ). The year preceding year 1 is year 0, and year 0 is a leap year.

The chrono library contains no calendar functionality.Panics on invalid hour, minute, second and/or nanosecond. This type should be considered ambiguous at best, due to the inherent lack of precision required for the time zone resolution.Also this is an extremely controversial topic on the committee.Put 20 committee members in a room and you'll get 25 different opinions on the right way to handle this topic.

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