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But sadly the Emmetts failed to live up to their 2004 debut – which saw them reach the series semi-finals – after the 110kg Bonk was defeated in its first fight.

But the brothers, who jointly own Longton-based engineering firm Venturi Jet Pumps, say they still thoroughly enjoyed their return to the violent world of Robot Wars.

Siebert’s great-great-grandparents, Samuel and Ann Siebert, purchased the original 440-acre farm in 1863. His brother Brian purchased the old farmhouse on the north end of the farm, and his sister and two other brothers have lots on the farm and help with its operation.“I remember horse-drawn plows and all going through the farm,” Mary said.

Buster can cycle round the yard for hours, singing tunelessly, with a demented boxer dog bouncing under his wheels.

It didn't like the cold weather in Glasgow because it was too cold for the CO2."The axe was powered by CO2 and it just came out too cold and injected a liquid instead of a gas.

When we opened it up it was like it was covered in snow."The day was great, we had entered before with Mute in series seven and we have done shows since but it was good to be back."Bonk is a four-wheel-drive robot and can move at 17mph thanks to its twin three horse power engines.

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