Dating security clearance

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to Bigley Ranish, LLP, a full-service security clearance law firm offering worldwide representation.

We assist service members, federal employees, and federal contractors in all stages of the security clearance process.

Whether you are concerned about an upcoming investigation, need help responding to a Statement of Reasons, or require representation in a formal hearing, we are your one-stop solution.

You serve our country with honor, now let us serve you.

Investments in exciting new technology have allowed us to provide affordable, convenient legal representation to you stateside, overseas, or even at sea.The search terms reflect a global base since you, dear readers, are literally from every country on the globe. ) are also concerned about the state – or non-state – of their love lives.The US leads the pack, followed by the UK and Canada in that order – all the way down to Vanuatu and Oman (where are these places? The number one search that brought people here in the last year and a half was “dating in your 60s rules” or “breaking up in your 60s.” A tie. The only rules I follow are my own, based on what I have learned and found works best for me. For example, I used to have a rule about never sending the first message. However, if a guy is younger than me, I usually let him make the first virtual move.No matter where you are located, all services are billed up-front as a flat fee; no games or surprises.We take our ethical oath seriously and consider it a privilege to represent you.

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